Cinderella Experiment

Find your own way of healthy eating, create new habits to gain more Energy and Vitality and love your Body!

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Simple and Fun

Cooking shouldn't be complicated, and loosing weight easy! That's why I used my experience of eating better with some doable tweaks and tested that with several people to recreate the result.
All of the lost weight and felt better!

Learn Together

With our Community of Cinderellas, the answer to any question you have throughout your journey to better habits is only one post away. We're here for you!


We have tons of vegetables on board so you can be staying plantbased.



A lot suggestions during the 3 weeks of the reset is reduce Gluten and get your system in order



Of course meat is allowed too, you can design the way you eat experimenting what your body can digest best



Bianca Rathgeb

Breathwork Expert, Reduction of Stress, Better Eating, Self Care and Self Love

Bianca spent years as a Nerd in IT departments of big Corporations like Credit Suisse, Sunrise and Roche in Switzerland.

But from her childhood stemmed an interest in healing, herbs and Yoga. As a young kid she brew potions of Calendula and other things, started to train Yoga with a book, the got into Yoga and QiGong Classes.

Frustrated by her Job, she trained to become a Pilates and Yoga Instructor, became a NLP Master and Certified High Performance Coach and Graphic Recorder as well as being Trained as a Practioner of Emmett Technique and Jikiden Reiki.

Back to the roots of her childhood in 2010 she founded her own practice and Studio "Goldene Mitte" to help people of all walks of life with Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Problems and many more.

In her Program "Cinderella Experiment" she helps with fresh, healing foods not only to reduce weight but get back into a new feeling and confidence.

Her own looks changed dramatically after she switched her diet to more Plants and Veggies and lost 28 pounds. She was even invited to 2 Photoshoots.

This was the birth of "Cinderella Experiment" in which you will learn from Experts about Food, Loosing weight, Stress reduction, Beauty and so much more.

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All you need to eat healthier and create habits that sustain you

When it comes to diets and weight loss most people know what to do. But this common sense is most often not common practice and most fall off the waggon quite fast.

This Experiment is different. We explore sustainable ways to loose weight and create the body you love.

Week 1: Get Healthy

Here we explore Babysteps to eat better, refuel the body and hydrate.

Week 2: Get Calm

Self Care practices and Self Love is also a big part of the process.

Week 3: Get Vibrant
Now we take it on the road, what to do at work or if you are out and about and how to enhance your Beauty right now

What is the Cinderella Experiment?

It is a 3 Week or 21 day program to reset the way you eat, sleep and go through your day.
This is the 3rd round of this yearly program and the previous rounds changed bodies and lives!

It is not a cookie cutter approach. Goal is to find your own way to eat better and with that create the health and vitality you desire. I found my way a few years ago and eat like this ever since.

It is not a fast track diet for 3 weeks and then you get back to normal.

The idea is to change your eating habits for good and eat tasty and healthy.

To support the attendees in this journey I interviewed experts to get them even more ideas and knowlegde:

  • First you learn how to add healthy foods (and not take away things you love and freak you out)
  • How to start this journey
  • Mindset Techniques to stay on track and rewrite the story you tell yourself about not being able to loose weight or eat better
  • What to do if you struggle or fall off the waggon
  • How to eat better and healthier without spending a fortune
  • How to cook fast
  • Best practices from my journey (how to eat with joy and even have chocolate and other things)
  • How to change your state and motivation
  • Be part of a group of likeminded people and support each other on messenger or facebook - this is one of the most powerful techniques of behavior changes
  • How to maintain this new body and way of eating
  • Learn from Experts of the first rounds:

But careful, there are Side-Effects:

  • increased levels of self love and self esteem
  • you might need to buy new clothes
  • You might feel temped to show off your new body
  • You might get looks...

I cannot promise results for each body is different and has it's story, but I can tell you this:

If you try it and change things, you will feel different and your body will change. Key is to decide to try it and put ideas and things into action.