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Change your Health and see new Perspectives

Get Healthy

There are ways out of pain and into a healthier body with various measures being it bodywork, nutrition, breathwork and mindfulness

Get Calm

Finding your calm in a noisy and more and more complex and challenging world is a lifesaver

Create the life you want

Coaching and self development can change your life

Coaching and training people to make them healthier and happier is my mission. With customized coaching, bodywork and breathwork profound life changes are possible.

My approach is different

My style of bodywork is unique, it consists of Inner Axis with deep breathwork and mindfullness, Adams Method and many more. All ages and walks of life can do it.

I recommend a natural nutrition to enhance the health improvements and heal inflammation and other things.

Through NLP and High Performance Coaching habit and life changes are possible and sustainable. The High Performance Curriculum is a scientifically proven system.

Cinderella Experiment

Do you feel drained in the morning and if you catch a glimpse of your body in the mirror you don't recognize yourself? Did the Pandemic increase your weight and stresses you out?

Some Students of the German class of 2021 lost around 4kgs already.

The English round of Cinderella Experiment comes up in March, be part of the class of 2021 via Zoom and eat better, sleep and self care more:

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"Bianca’s guided meditations feel like a huge, warm, loving hug from the universe. The experience for me was simply divine and I was very pleased to have her present at my Minneapolis event"

Dawn, Minneapolis, USA
Business Owner, Author and Creator of "Just the trick"

"Bianca is like a swiss army knife. She has an enormous toolkit in treatment techniques which she can choose from. And she always picks the right technique to fix whatever pain I have"

Architect, Zurich, Switzerland

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Fountain Breath

This breathwork is a quick way to release tension and feel better

Want to relax even more?

Download the free guide how to create a island of serenity in your home

Retreat 2021 Switzerland

If you want to dive deeper in your healing and yoga experience, join us September 16th - 19th for the "Return to Health" retreat in the beautiful Val Medel, Swiss Alps

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