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Get Out of Pain and Sleep Disorders

Release blockages and experience rapid improvement with the proven method, a blend of Inner Axis Yoga, Pilates, Adams Method, Jikiden Reiki, Emmett Technique, Subconscious Imprinting Technique.

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Living with pain is no fun and expensive

You may have wasted thousands in physio and therapy and nothing has helped permanently.

But doing nothing is not a solution either

Pleasure to meet you!

I am Bianca Rathgeb

As a child I was already interested in medicinal herbs, and as a teenager I became interested in yoga and tai chi.

Nevertheless, I did not study medicine as I thought, but business informatics and worked as a programmer, requirements engineer and business analyst for 14 years in companies in Germany and Switzerland.

My dissatisfaction in my job and the stress and bad office posture brought me back to Pilates and Yoga, which were my first trainings.

A little later I added international training in health/healing and coaching.

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Breath Exercise

Fountain Breath can help to release ballast and tension and to fill up with new energy.

"Die heutige Yoga-Pilates-Stunde hat meinen Rückenschmerzpunkt total ausgelöscht. Er ist einfach weg! Vielen Dank an dich!"

- Jorunn


"Mir hat bei Bianca insbesondere ihre kreative und direkte Art zu
Coachen gefallen. Sie ist sehr sympathisch, professionell und ich kann Sie mit bestem Gewissen für eine Beratung empfehlen."

- Philipp

Zürich, Bankangestellter

"Bianca bietet ein vielfältiges Angebot - das energetische Therapieangebot unterstützt die Heilung von akuten und alten Verletzungen auf körperlicher oder seelischer Ebene und hilft Blockaden zu erkennen und loszulassen."

- Colette


"Bianca’s guided meditations feel like a huge, warm, loving hug from the universe. The experience for me was simply divine and I was very pleased to have her present at my Minneapolis event."

- Dawn

Minneapolis (USA), Business Owner, Author and Creator

"To much sitting was always resulting into back pain. Thanks to Biancas experience with difference techniques I was impressed just joining her class once. Still today I have implemented some of her trainings into my daily routine to keep a strong body without backpain. Highly recommend to join her classes and coachings!"

- Björn

Zürich, Entrepreneur

"Bianca ist wie ein Schweizer Taschenmesser. Sie besitzt einen enormen Fundus an Behandlungstechniken, die sie anwenden kann. Und sie wählt immer die richtige Methode aus, um meine Schmerzen zu heilen."

- Pablo

Zürich, Architekt

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