Island of Serenity

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Inner Axis & Adams Method & Emmett Technique

There are subtle and non-invasive ways to deal with pain and tension in the body.

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High Performance Coaching

High Performance Coaching does not push you over the edge. It helps to find clarity about what you really want and reach heightened and sustained level of energy and performance to power your dream.

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Graphic Recording & Book Illustration

Words become visible. I work as a Graphic Recorder to make a visual protocol in real time of what is spoken of in your meeting, keynote speach and I illustrate books.

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How I work

Most often my work with clients comes down to these 3 parts of my framework

Overcome Pain

Step one is to heal your pain, thus removing the obstacles holding you back from living a truly connected and vibrant life. 

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Find Your Calm

Step two is to create your island of serenity where you find ways to unwind, decompress and relax within your day to day life.

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Radiate Vibrance

Step three builds on the foundation of a pain free and tranquil state, as you now bring vibrance and colour into your life. One way to do this is the Cinderella Experiment

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"Bianca is like a swiss army knife. She has an enormous toolkit in treatment techniques which she can choose from. And she always picks the right technique to fix whatever pain I have"

Pablo, Zurich

"Bianca’s guided meditations feel like a huge, warm, loving hug from the universe. The experience for me was simply divine and I was very pleased to have her present at my Minneapolis event "

Dawn, Minneapolis, USA
Business Owner, Author and Creator of "Just the trick"


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