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No Calorie Counting
Nor Sports program

The counting never worked for me, I was not really known for my discipline nor consistency in sticking to a regimen (ask my mother). And still I found a way to eat enough to be satisfied and loose weight. And I kept the sports I already did.

No Shakes
Nor Bars

Avoid processed and artificial foods and see a difference in your body, skin and energy. Find your way back to a more natural and delicious way of eating (and cook in 15mins) - I am a foodie so it has to be tasty.

Create your Own

Creating your own way of eating is more than a diet, it is a lifestyle change you can maintain in your daily life and even on the road. You don't have to eat something you find disgusting. And if you fell off the waggon I show you the way back on!

Real and healthy fastfood

Get back to the basics, there is only one rule how to build your meal and cook it fast (this is a real example of a dinner of mine).

Here's what you'll experiment on

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Get more access to me, give feedback, receive support and 1:1 coaching to create your own way of eating. With me in your corner you can bet you'll have success. If I could do it, you can, too!

Amazing experts and I will  teach you:

  • How to add things to your diet (instead of eliminating all you love and get cravings) that start your weight loss journey.
  • Quality foods and how to buy and cook smarter and maybe even save money when you cook yourself. 
  • How I did it to give you ideas what you could do (and I was not the disciplined, joyfree dieter, believe me, I still eat chocolate and have a Cappuccino and Croissant on some mornings).
  • How to get in the right mindset and rid of old stories why you can't loose weight and how to create new habits of eating in a healthier way.
  • You will get into the secret facebook group to interact with me and the beta group, to ask questions, get inspiration what to cook and to get accountability from the group and me.
  • How to shop groceries smarter, maintain the new body even when on the road and eating at a restaurant or Take Away place. Together we create the body of your dreams!
  • Learn from amazing experts, a taste of it you can find in the free webinar replay:

But beware of the side effects:

  • Increase of confidence
  • Clothes you were about to throw out might fit again and look nice
  • You might to need new clothes
  • You might want to go to the beach
  • More attention and compliments

Of course I cannot promise you any results but I am sure if you follow the steps you will feel different!

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